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If you are employed and doing this as a part of your job, you should enter the company name, as this application is for your company. If you are employed but not doing this as part of your job, or are self employed, this application is for you as an individual and you should enter your name as the company name.

(5) Request to participate in: WG - User Managed Access

(6) If this request is being made by an employee of a company that is not a Member of Kantara Initiative [1], you acknowledge that you have the authority to execute this Group Participation Agreement on behalf of your self represented as an individual.

([1] If this request is being made by an employee of a company that is a Member of Kantara Initiative, this request will be sent to the primary representative for authorization.)

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(8) I hereby agree to the Kantara Initiative IPR Policy Option as designated in the Kantara Initiative Work Group or Discussion Group charter that is selected in item 5.
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[1] "VOTING" indicates the individual has signed this Group Participation Agreement (GPA) and is a voting member of the Group.
[2] "NON-VOTING" indicates that the individual has signed this GPA but is NOT (currently) a voting member of the Group.

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